Residency in Spain

Register with the Spanish State

There are a variety of registrations that you who get yourself a holiday home or a permanent accommodation in Spain need to do. Javaloyes – Suarez – Grans provides help at every step and we will guide you through these processes quickly and efficiently. There are a lot of concepts that you will get in touch with here when you move here and that is; NIE number, padron, residencia, power of attorney (Poder Notarial). We will now sort them out for you so that you know what it is all about.


The first thing that you must do whether you move to Spain for a short or long time is to get yourself an NIE number.

NIE number is a tax identification number for those who have financial interests in Spain but are foreign nationals. All foreign nationals need an NIE to buy property in Spain, buy a car or open a bank account.

Since it is an identification number, it must be applied for in person on the foreign affairs expedition at the national police station. If necessary, a residence certificate can also be applied for at the same time. You can read more about Residencia further down in this text.

We offer a full service for applying for NIE

For those of you who are here in Spain and do not have power of attorney:

  • You come to our office and we go together to the Police Station for the process.
  • We follow you through every step and know how to prevent long queues
  • When we are done, we will leave you at our office or inside Torrevieja where ever it is suitable for you.

For those of you who are abroad and have power of attorney:

  • We take care of the entire process. You do not have to do anything!