We are your multilingual law firm in Torrevieja.

As a foreigner in Spain the laws and regulations can feel quite complex, intimidating, bureaucratic and totally exhausting.

We understand the need to get qualified assistance in legal and taxation matters in your own language. You need to fully understand the decisions that you are about to take.

We are your independent lawyer. We work for you and only for you.

A legal and taxation help that matters!

Areas of expertise

Javaloyes-Suarez-Grans is a well-respected Spanish law firm with office in Torrevieja. We specialise in services for foreign owners of Spanish property and litigation. Legal and tax advice is provided by experienced and well-qualified colleagues. Their areas of specialism include conveyancing, inheritance and tax. We speak your language in seven languages including English, Swedish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.

If you are needing legal or tax advice in Spain then we will do our very best to meet your needs. Please contact us via email, telephone, call back or chat if you would like to know more about how we can help you.

Spanish Real Estate Law

Buying, Selling and Renting a Property


Spanish Corporate Law

Starting a Company

Corporate Tax Law

Residency in Spain


Padron and Residencia

Spanish Non-Resident and

Resident Tax law

Tax Law for Non-Residents and Residents

Domestic Law


Last Will and Testament

Trust us, we have never lost a case in court.

If you want to be represented by the best law firm for your case then do not hesitate and contact us!

Reviews from our clients

We are very pleased with the help from Betty Gräns and her staff when we bought our apartment in Spain.
They helped us from the first moment and all the way until we got our keys.
Via email, they professionally guided us with what we should do step by step.
There were never any problems.
Even after the apartment purchase, they are a great support and help.
For example, writing a will, any translations and tax declaration.

Thanks again for all the help.

Greetings from the Eriksson family

Javaloyes – Suarez – Grans is the law and advisory firm that does it quickly, magically and safely for you at all property purchases in Torrevieja and the rest of Spain.
We, Anette & Mats Jakobsson can warmly recommend the company as our purchase was completed in 2 days.
Annelie at Hansson & Hertzell quickly fixed our dream apartment in paradise and handed it over to Betty, who magically fixed the contract, the notary, the NIE number, the photos and the bank account.
After 6 weeks, Anette went down with our daughter Felicia and got the keys to the apartment with a new and burglar-proof door lock.
Professional, helpful, fast, and knowledgeable people with big hearts.

We are super happy and very grateful!

I can warmly recommend Betty Gräns and Javaloyes-Suarez-Grans Law Firm.
With their service spirit and great knowledge of Spanish laws and regulations
has it really facilitated my apartment purchases, other legal and even private matters.
Always quick answers, always a nice and personal treatment.
It is safe and a great pleasure to leave everything to Betty and I look forward to many more years.
Many thanks!

The beginning of our trip to Spain,
In the dark cold of January 2020, we sat in Sweden and planned for a house on Spain’s sunny coast “Costa Blanca” – after tips on house objects from acquaintances and brokers, we flew down and got acquainted with the surroundings.
My husband & I quickly got hooked on a beautiful newly produced house and we wanted to strike quickly so that no one else got their hands on “our” house. But in a new country, new laws and regulations around ownership and taxes, etc., we felt insecure.
We then received another valuable tip about the law firm Javaloyes-Suarez-Grans. After quick feedback from Betty, one of the three co-owners of the agency, we were able to get ALL the legal help we needed.
They gave us important advice & tips about owning property in Spain. Contacts with authorities, the establishment of legal registration, contracts and secure help with the transfer of purchase sums have flowed on without problems – we have felt safe and in the right hands throughout the process. They possess broad skills & language skills beyond the ordinary.
We are deeply grateful and can warmly recommend the law firm Javaloyes-Suarez-Grans, now our trip to Spain can continue…..

We are super happy! Always get answers to our questions. You solve problems for us quickly. Always friendly and happy. Thank you for being there!

Worked with them for 10 years, superb service

One word is enough – Fantastic!

Our Partners

We are dedicated to supporting our community. If you know of an organisation or a cause that you think we should support. We would like to hear about it and of cause we always need more partners!

The Lawyer Else-Marie Grönstedt is  appointed Notarius Publicus in Stockholm, Sweden and helps most of our clients with certify signatures, translations, translators, adoptions, company documents, copies, purchase documents, etc. They also issue apostille.

Visit them on the link below:


The Swedish Church in Torrevieja is a sanctum for all who needs their help and there are many. We support the church in it’s endeavours as much as we can and we recommend it for all that are in need of comfort or that wish to help in any way. The church always welcomes new members and we humbly provides  15 % discount in all our services to all members in the church.

Visit them on the link below:

Svenska Kyrkan Costa Blanca

Our partners Propertycheck helps our clients with monthly visits in your property when you are abroad. Propertycheck caters to you and your property with a wide array of services.

Visit them on the link below: